Community Competitions Weekend Results: May 20

Mon, May 20, 2024, 5:00 AM
Wests Lions during their clash with the Tuggeranong Vikings in Round 6, photo by Greg Collis - @cbrsportsphototgraphy.
Wests Lions during their clash with the Tuggeranong Vikings in Round 6, photo by Greg Collis - @cbrsportsphototgraphy.

Following on from John I Dent Cup's week of playing under the lights, all other community competitions have now locked in their results from the past weekend.

John I dent Cup

Round 6

Gungahlin Eagles 1st Grade 56 (Tries: M. Hingano, F. Tongia (2), L. Day (2), I. Crowe, T. Chan tung, K. Thorn Conversions: L. Day (8)) Def Uni-Norths Owls 1st Grade 31 (Tries: M. Tauiliili-pelesasa, B. Doust, S. Toa, M. Feleleai Conversions: S. Toa (4) Penalty Goals: S. Toa)

Tuggeranong Vikings 1st Grade 19 (Penalty Tries: Tries: S. Thomas, C. Taekata Conversions: L. Bartley- saena) Def By Wests Lions 1st Grade 30 (Tries: A. Atani, J. Toma, F. Kaihea, J. Ketteringham Conversions: C. Gray (2) Penalty Goals: C. Gray (2))

Queanbeyan Whites 1st Grade 30 (Tries: D. Teoteo (2), C. Cooper-jones Conversions: C. Cooper-jones (3) Penalty Goals: C. Cooper-jones (3)) Def By Canberra Royals 1st Grade 32 (Tries: T. Iles, R. Van leeuwen, T. Hayes, T. Fraser Conversions: J. Winfield (3) Penalty Goals: J. Winfield (2))

Premier 15s

Round 6

Queanbeyan Whites Premier 15s Women 27 (Tries: L. Brewer, L. Gale, J. Pele, F. Bell Conversions: C. Gafa (2) Penalty Goals: C. Gafa) Def Canberra Royals Premier 15s 26 (Tries: B. Harris, T. Vandenbergh, E. Boundy, E. Munns-cook Conversions: J. Ravu (3))

Tuggeranong ViQueens Premier 15s 38 (Tries: E. Maslen, S. Waihape, O. Faitua, T. Zdravevska , S. Edwards, A. Kiriui Conversions: S. Edwards (4)) Def Wests Lionesses Premier 15s 17 (Tries: I. Tihopu viniki, E. Hudson, J. Morrison Conversions: B. Marsters)

Gungahlin Eagles Premier 15s 28 Def Uni-Norths Owls Premier 15s 0

Spence Cup

Round 6

Queanbeyan Whites 2nd Grade 0 Def By Canberra Royals 2nd Grade 47 (Tries: J. Pearson (2), B. Keogh, L. Clews, S. Heffernan, J. Gallego, G. Tankard Conversions: S. Myburgh (6))

Gungahlin Eagles 2nd Grade 66 (Tries: T. Ciot, A. Senikaucava, F. Skinner (2), J. Mazzarol-kotz, R. Abel (3), J. Sale, J. Smith Conversions: S. Mclachlan (8)) Def Uni-Norths Owls 2nd Grade 42 (Penalty Tries: Tries: M. Young, A. Luchetti, H. Khadr, J. Simmons, S. Doyle Conversions: C. Hansen (5))

Tuggeranong Vikings 2nd Grade 29 (Tries: A. Robinson, S. Puteho (2), J. Godfrey, J. Lealiifano Conversions: J. Lealiifano (2)) Def By Wests Lions 2nd Grade 35 (Tries: P. Nifo, O. Kalolo (2), B. Harpley, W. Lamese Conversions: O. Kalolo (5))

First Division 1st Grade

Round 4

Queanbeyan Whites 3rd Grade 19 (Tries: S. Perkins, B. Reid, M. Saul Conversions: J. Steele (2)) Def Canberra Royals 3rd Grade 17 (Tries: T. Macgregor, W. Boundy, L. Vecchi Conversions: L. Vecchi)

Gungahlin Eagles 3rd Grade 5 (Tries: A. Rummery) Def By Uni-Norths Owls 3rd Grade 45 (Tries: M. Burrell, H. Walker, F. Finlayson, J. Davies, R. Sellars, K. Freebody, F. Frewen Conversions: J. Story (5))

Tuggeranong Vikings 3rd Grade 10 (Tries: L. Stone- heat, J. Knight) Def By Wests Lions 3rd Grade 22 (Tries: E. Lee, S. Kerville, B. Harpley Conversions: D. Faigafa, D. Eason Penalty Goals: D. Eason)

First Division 2nd Grade

Round 4

Gungahlin Eagles 4th Grade 19 (Tries: P. Alofipo, L. Latu, Z. Melmoth Conversions: P. Alofipo (2)) Def By Uni- Norths Owls 4th Grade 22 (Tries: A. Martins-cordeiro, K. Freebody, S. Mcguinness, A. Schoffl Conversions: F. Frewen)

Tuggeranong Vikings 4th Grade 18 (Tries: D. Wright, R. Mcneill, P. Vaeagi Penalty Goals: A. John) Def Wests Lions 4th Grade 12 (Tries: K. Taiese soa, H. Tuilagi Conversions: C. Robberds)

Queanbeyan Whites 4th Grade 12 (Tries: J. Luksza, N. Martino Conversions: P. Hansen) Def By Canberra Royals 4th Grade 29 (Tries: R. Singh, J. Bindley (2), R. Vandenbergh, M. Finau Conversions: N. Jervis hamilton (2))

Womens 10s

Round 5

Jindabyne Miss Piggies Women's 10s 28 Def Canberra Royals Women's 10s 0

Yass Ewes Women's 10s 15 (Tries: C. Chambers, K. Bismire (2)) Def By Bungendore Mudchicks Women's 10s 49 (Tries: T. Bowes, L. Bobbine (3), M. Wells, T. Hoy, C. Hansen, C. Horan, C. Stratis Conversions: L. Bobbine, T. Robson)

ADFA Women's 10s 93 (Tries: M. Mathews (3), A. Sitcheff (2), B. Nay (2), G. Chalmers (2), N. Wehl, B. Phillips, V. Bolwell, M. Duarte, H. Clarke, F. Webb Conversions: A. Sitcheff (7), H. Clarke, G. Chalmers) Def Hall Bushrangers Women's 10s 10 (Tries: L. Watson, J. Rowbotham)

Uni-Norths Owls Women's 10s 0 Def By Goulburn Dirty Reds Women's 10s 28

ACT Vets Colts Cup

Round 6

Gungahlin Eagles Colts 29 (Tries: O. Fox, N. Barton, L. Smith, A. Powell Conversions: H. Goodwin (3) Penalty Goals: H. Goodwin) Def Uni-Norths Owls Colts 20 (Tries: B. Lindeman (2), S. Bellchambers Conversions: B. Lindeman Penalty Goals: B. Lindeman)

Tuggeranong Vikings Colts 15 (Tries: H. Davis, J. Lonergan, S. Pilot) Def By Wests Lions Colts 18 (Tries: D. Bretton, M. Taavao Conversions: M. Taavao Penalty Goals: M. Taavao (2))

Queanbeyan Whites Colts 38 (Tries: A. Tuli, J. Negus (2), D. Bolatagici Conversions: J. Cotter (3) Penalty Goals: J. Cotter (4)) Def Canberra Royals Colts 28 (Tries: B. Bouquiaux (2), J. Henry, H. Fogarty, H. Salmon Penalty Goals: J. Henry)

Canberra Suburban Cup

Round 7

Easts 1st Grade 29 (Tries: A. Ball, S. Frater, J. Hickey (2), N. Giugni Conversions: E. Gillian (2)) Def ADFA 2nd Grade 5 (Tries: V. Stergiou)

Gungahlin Eagles 5th Grade 12 (Tries: W. Peace, I. Tuitupou Conversions: H. Goodwin) Def By Uni-Norths Owls 5th Grade 17 (Tries: B. Dwyer (2), T. Hudson Conversions: T. Halloran)

2nd Division South Coast Monaro 

Round 5

Bungendore Mudchooks 1st Grade 22 (Tries: J. Waqa, A. Ganchov, M. Tubekitu Conversions: T. Worman (2) Penalty Goals: T. Worman) Def Hall Bushrangers 1st Grade 19 (Tries: L. Williams, H. Cummings (2) Conversions: J. Murphy (2))

Taralga Tigers 1st Grade 71 (Tries: T. Tanivulavula (3), S. Tufulele, T. Halafihi (2), A. Tukutau, V. Waqanidrola, J. Thillalem, R. Vateitei, M. Lapota Conversions: E. Tuinitoga (5), P. Bitu, T. Tanivulavula (2) ) Def Cooma Red Devils 1st Grade 5 (Tries: J. Quodling)

Yass Rams XV 31 (Tries: H. Locke, T. Girdler, I. Ellwood, K. Whittaker, J. Whittaker Conversions: M. Stevens (3) ) Def By Redbacks Open Mens 33 (Tries: W. Bennett, J. Ramm, J. Laundess, D. Kerr, W. Holland Conversions: N. Jeffery (3), T. Reardon)

ADFA 1st Grade 57 (Tries: M. Stockton, R. Spence (2), T. Murphy, W. Anderson, J. Carnie (2), E. Travers, B. Lynch Conversions: J. Carnie (6)) Def Batemens Bay Boars 1st Grade 12 (Tries: R. Thomas, E. Vosailagi Conversions: A. Knight)

Martha Fua in action for the Gungahlin Eagles, photo by Jayzie Photography.
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