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All players, non-playing members, and match officials are required to register for coverage under the Rugby Australia National Insurance Scheme.

In 2021, Clubs and Associations must adhere to the following registration regulatory requirements:

  1. Online self-registration for ALL players, non-playing members (committee members and team officials - coaches, managers, first aid/medical staff etc.) and match officials; and
  2. Online payment for ALL Players (full or part payment).

Important Registration documentation

Important note

A player MUST be self-registered, and a player record exists in Rugby Xplorer for every active player. If a player is not registered in Rugby Xplorer, they will not be insured to play the game and cannot be selected in a team.

A non-playing member MUST be self-registered, and a person record exits in Rugby Xplorer for every club official or volunteer with an active role.

A match official MUST be self-registered, and a person record exits in Rugby Xplorer for every active match official .

Clubs/ Associations are unable to de-register any player or member. If your Club/ Association requires a de-registration, please contact your Member Union. Additional information about de-registration and refunds can be found in the Rugby Australia Registration Regulations.

All individual Rugby participants must be registered and financial prior to participating in Rugby, including before playing any match or training.

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