2022 ACT AND SNSW Griffins squad confirmed

Tue, Sep 27, 2022, 1:38 AM
ACT Brumbies Media
by ACT Brumbies Media
Photo: Brumbies Media
Photo: Brumbies Media

The ACT and Southern NSW Griffins squad has been confirmed for the 2022 Australian Rugby Shield in Adelaide.

The tournament, which will feature teams from across Australia including NSW and Queensland Country, will take place from September 29 to October 2 at Brighton Oval in Adelaide, with the best of the Bentspoke John I Dent Cup and ACT and SNSW regional rugby coming together for what is set to become a flagship national pathways competition.

The 2022 Bentspoke John I Dent Cup champion Queanbeyan Whites lead the way with seven representatives in the group, with MacDougall Medalist Isaac Crowe also set to wear ACT and SNSW representative colours.

2022 ACT AND SNSW Griffins squad


James Bundy (Canberra Canberra Royals/Country)

Tauati Chan Tung (Gungahlin Eagles Eagles/City North)

Zane Hogan (Queanbeyan Whites/City South)

Neori Nadruku (Queanbeyan Whites/City South)

Maxime Turrel (Tuggeranong Tuggeranong Vikings/City South)


Charlie Cartwright (Canberra Royals/City South)

James Douglas (Tuggeranong Vikings/City South)

Samuel Thomas (Uni-Norths Owls/City North)


Oli Bee (Canberra Royals/City South)

Ryan Kiely (Wests Lions/City North)

Nathanael Mooney (Gungahlin Eagles/City North)

Josh Townsend (Queanbeyan/City South)


Ben Dalton (Uni-Norths Owls/City North)

Davea Teoteo (Queanbeyan/City South)

Silafono Titiuti (Queanbeyan/City South)

Shammah Tiumalu (Gungahlin Eagles/City North)


Kyle Brown (Penrith Emus/City North)

Mitchell Douch (Queanbeyan/City South)


Jack Evenden (Tuggeranong Vikings/City South)

Jordan Thompson (Uni-Norths Owls/City North)


Harry Quinlan (Canberra Royals/City South)

Junior Taia (Wests Lions/City North)

Outside Backs:

Isaac Crowe (Gungahlin Eagles/City North)

Lachie Day (Wagga Waratahs/Country)

Sam Hyland (Gungahlin Eagles/City North)

Jay Lualua (Gungahlin Eagles/City North)

Jackson Stuart (Queanbeyan/City South)

Lennix Tovo (Tuggeranong Vikings/City South)


Program Lead – Tony Abel

Head Coach – Frank Condi

Ass. Coach – Dan Hawke

Ass. Coach – Nick McCarthy

Physiotherapist – Joel Malouf

Manager – Jack Heffernan