John I Dent Cup Team Lists Round 2

Fri, Apr 12, 2024, 12:00 AM
Jack Hardy in his Round 1 clash against the Royals, photo by Jayzie photography
Jack Hardy in his Round 1 clash against the Royals, photo by Jayzie photography

Round 2 of the John I Dent Cup is just one day away and all Premier clubs now have their team lists on show for fans of the competition.

With a total of five Brumbies out and about in clubland there will be plenty of great spectacles of rugby across the capital this weekend. Austin Anderson and Declan Meredith for Wests, Lachlan Shaw and Klayton Thorn for Gungahlin and Harry Vella for the Royals round out the Brumbies participation this week.

All sides submitted lineups can be found below.

Canberra Royals v Tuggeranong Vikings at 3:05ppm at Phillip Oval

Canberra Royals Lineup

  1. James Bundy
  2. Liam Bowron
  3. Charlie Cartwright
  4. Brendan Le Galludec
  5. Tom Iles
  6. Luke Connolly
  7. Thomas Fraser
  8. Samuel Allica
  9. Pedro Rolando
  10. Sam Crane
  11. Thomas Hayes
  12. Jarrah McLeod
  13. Lincoln Smith
  14. Braiden Oates
  15. Angus Staniforth


Adam Butt

Tuggeranong Vikings Lineup

  1. Monty Royston
  2. Joel Leiper
  3. Silafono Titiuti
  4. Alexander Kerr
  5. Cooper Taekata
  6. Fletcher Rose
  7. Baden Godfrey
  8. (21)Justin Sikimeti
  9. Wallly Wentzel
  10. Louis Bartley-Saena
  11. Lachlan Davis
  12. Joe Wadman
  13. Junior Time Taotua
  14. Grayson Te Moana
  15. Shane Wilcox


16. Eddie Dakuroko

17. Lington Ieli

18. Sione Mau

19. Callum Smith

20. Jonthan Ryan

22. Josiah Lealiifano

23. Andrew Robinson

24. Thomas Lachlan

25. Silas Pilot


Ryan Shultz

Uni-Norths Owls v Wests Lions at 3:05pm at ANU North Oval

Uni-Norths Owls Lineup

  1. Andrew Whittle
  2. Boston Morete
  3. David Kirk
  4. Harvey Cordukes
  5. William Sankey
  6. Tobias Macpherson
  7. Molia Feleleai
  8. Samuel Mickelson
  9. Polynesia Crichton
  10. Cooper Hansen
  11. Luke Malietoa
  12. Caleb Lanivia
  13. Blaine Doust
  14. Siave Seti
  15. Samuel Toa


Lachlan Creighton

Wests Lions Lineup

  1. Timoci Sauvoli
  2. Ioelu Pisu
  3. Feleti Kaihea
  4. Joe Toma
  5. Mowgli Cameron
  6. Otto Wrakonei
  7. Moeaki Toma
  8. Ryan Kiely
  9. Joshua Riley
  10. Cullen Gray
  11. Luke Kilkeary
  12. Austin Anderson
  13. Tomasi Bikaca
  14. Timoci Naivaluwaqa
  15. Declan Meredith


Marco Cecere

Queanbeyan Whites v Gungahlin Eagles at 3:35pm at Campese Field

Queanbeyan Whites Lineup

  1. Jean-benti Madjaga
  2. Kye Darmody
  3. Mark Tiuru-Beni
  4. Sam Bertram
  5. Jack Preston
  6. Samuel Gleeson
  7. Matt Taylor
  8. Riley Turner
  9. Cullin Cooper-Jones
  10. Andrew McFarlane 
  11. Puni Aupuni
  12. Alec Palmer
  13. Eli Sagala
  14. Harry Buckley
  15. Dyvontae Tippett


Daniel Hawke

Gungahliin Eagles Lineup

  1. Tauati Chan Tung
  2. Liki Chan-Tung
  3. Tevita Alatini
  4. Lachlan Shaw
  5. Lachlan O’Malley
  6. Dominic Tevao
  7. Alex Smit
  8. Shammah Tiumalu
  9. Klayton Thorn
  10. Jack Hardy
  11. Sam Hyland
  12. Liae Tuilagi
  13. Clay Uyen
  14. Lachlan Day
  15. Isaac Crowe


Lachlan McCaffrey

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